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        Air Filter for Dogs in Wildfire Smoke with a K9 Mask

        K9 Mask® Lugfilter vir honde

        Wildfire smoke, ash, dust, toxins, chemicals, pollen, mold, and allergens are all potential threats to a dog's health. Pets breathe the same air as people, so they need the same protection in a crisis.

        K9 Mask® is a new pet health solution to poor air quality. We created the 'World’s First' air filter mask specifically designed for dogs. It is made in the USA. It is a premium solution for your pet in an air pollution crisis. 


        Breathable Air Filter with Exhale Panting Valve for Cooling

        We know dogs use their nose to navigate the world. The K9 Mask® is meant for use in an air pollution crisis, and not for casual use. It is a protective device for serious air quality concerns which negatively affect the health of a dog. The materials in the mask are breathable with a built in exhale panting valve for cooling panting dogs.

        K9 Mask® Features and Benefits for Protecting Dog Lung Health in Wildfire Smoke

        K9 Mask® funksies en voordele

        • N95 "Extreme Breathe" filters up to 95% of non-oil based particulate air matter.
        • PM 2.5 Filtering "Extreme Breathe" filters out the smallest toxic particles in the air from getting into a dog's lungs which can cause short and long-term health problems.
        • Geaktiveerde koolstoflaaglaag bind met skadelike lugmolekules wat gifstowwe verminder deur die bloedstroom van 'n hond in te gaan. 
        • Panting Exhale Valve stel hitte vry van hygend om die hond te laat afkoel.
        • Two adjustable comfort straps, on the neck and under the muzzle, for a secure effective fit. 
        • Low light reflective edge for safety in dim or dark environment.

        Extreme Breathe N95 PM2.5 and Clean Breathe PM10 with Active Carbon Dog Air Filters

        Vervangbare lugfilters vir vars effektiewe filter

        We created one air filter mask for dogs with two different replaceable air filter options. Depending on the air quality crisis you may use the "Clean Breathe" or the "Extreme Breathe" air filter in your K9 Mask®.

        K9 Mask® Premium Effectiveness When Fitted Properly

        Met die K9 Mask®-snuitverstelling, wat aan die onderkant van die masker geleë is, kan u die spanning op die masker verstel om besoedelde lug aan die agterkant van die masker aansienlik te verminder. Dit verseker dat slegs vars gefiltreerde lug wat deur die lugfilter gaan, deur die hond ingeasem word.

        K9 Mask® effective fit adjustment for dog size and shape

        Hoe vind ek die K9 Mask® van die regte grootte vir my hond?

        Ons K9 Mask®-groottekaart sal u help om die regte grootte vir u hond te vind: K9 Mask®-groottekaart.

        K9 Mask Size Chart for Dog Face and Muzzle Sizing

        K9 Mask® Custom Kleure 

        Customers asked us many times to create the K9 Mask® in various colors, so we did. They are very popular for people preparing for an air pollution crisis but wanting their dog to have a little swag.

        K9 Masker - hoe om u hond op te lei om 'n lugfiltermasker te dra

        SHOP ALL - K9 Mask® Colors and Sizes 

        K9 Mask on Shark Tank